History of wool:

In primitive ages, at first, man didn’t know how to cover themselves. So, they got wet in the rain and burnt in the scorching sunlight. They lived on green leaves and fruits from the tree. Gradually they learned to hunt animals. They killed many animals sometimes for survival and sometimes to eat them. While killing animals, they discovered that the skin of the animals is soft and could give them warmth if they wear them. From this thinking, the wool was invented by the primitive man. They started to hunt the animals which body is covered with fur and wool. They ate the meat of the animals and wore their skin into them.

First clothe:

Man first made clothes by the skin of sheep. That was the origin point of wool. From then till now men are making warm and comfortable clothes from the same sources. Wool is still popular among the people because no other clothing material has all the attributes which only possessed by the wool. Wool has the unique quality which can’t be found on other fabric materials. Wool can easily absorb the moisture. Wool keeps us warm in the cold and keeps us cold in the hot season. When primitive men understand the beauty of wool, they stopped hunting any sheep and started domesticating the sheep so that they could make clothes from the sheep. The beard of domestic sheep is more wooly than the wild sheep.

Use of wool:

Wool is used to make warm clothes, wool baby clothes, blankets, carpets, horse rugs, saddle cloths, etc. Not only baby’s clothes but also making fashionable clothes wool is the priority to the many countries' garments industries. Countries where winter lasts long, the demand for woolen clothes is more there. No other material can give the better comfort than wool. Woolen clothes are not all time heavy. Some woolen clothes are knitted finely and made with enough fiber. These types of woven fabrics are light on body but provide the warmth you need in the winter.

Production countries:

The large producer of wool is Australia, the second large producer is New Zealand, and then China. Australia produces the most expensive and fine wool from the merino sheep. They are exported all over the world. Clothes, made from the Merino wool are most sophisticated and pure materials for making clothes for the children. New Zealand mostly produces the crossbred wool.

Wool for baby:

For baby, we want softest and delicate material for clothing. There is no substitute of wool for making clothes for the baby. Wool baby clothes are made worldwide for different ages of a child. Because of the sophisticated nature of wool, every baby clothes making company use wool to make baby clothes.

Nowadays organic wools are getting priority in making baby clothes. Artificial clothing material and fiber are not appropriate for baby’s skin. So parents are relying much on natural woolen garments. Natural wool is rich in fiber and ensures the highest comfort to the baby. So it is very popular among the parents for baby clothing.